Why Our Clients Love Us

What our clients have to say about their tax service experience with us.

"As a Small Business owner, I want to give a shout out to Carol Thomas. I have been dealing with her for a decade, and she was one of the few human beings who stepped up to help me during Covid-19. Because of her help, I am literally floating and operating and not stressing out and losing my hair. Anyone who operates a Small Business can truly understand the fears of feeling like you are not going to be able to take care of the people you love. With Carol, I will be her customer for life." - Eric P.

"Carol is such a professional & explains everything in layman's terms. She has sweet conversation & makes you feel at ease. She answered all of my questions & is very reasonably priced! She was also local. I'm happy to have received my tax preparation by her & I totally recommend! Thanks again" - Stephanie H.

"So my mother and I had our taxes done with Mrs Thomas today. I must say, I see why she has five stars on here, too bad you can't chose the amount of stars you want, not to say I would have enough because five stars is just not enough to describe her superior professional, friendly customer service all in one. She's very knowledgeable and we had an incredible first experience and plan on continuing to go to her for our taxes. Uncle Sam did not die in vain because he left us with a gem in his place because she's truly amazing, and we will continue to use her for from now on." - Adrienne P.

"5th year returning client to CTTaxPrep and their services are quick and efficient! I was in Baltimore for school and was still able to get my taxes done, came back home and was like I never left. Mrs. Thomas has been in the business for decades and you can tell by her quality customer service attitude! I recommend them twice." - Calvin T. 

"I recently had my taxes done by Carol she's very professional very nice and also has alot of knowledge about different things! I had a few problems with my return but she was patient with me... not only did she help me fix my problem she also got me my return back in 24 hours!  I highly recommend you all let her do your taxes!" - Lakecia H.